Jael Bird Joseph nominated for best album of the year, internationally!

International recognition for Jael Bird Joseph's 'The Journal of Forgotten Memories', nominated for BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR folk/singer-songwriter at the Independent Music Awards in New York city! 

We've just received wonderful news! The Independent Music Awards, that select the best independent music acts worldwide from 89 countries, have nominated Jael Bird Joseph's very intimate 'The Journal of Forgotten Memories' amongst 5 finalists for best folk/singer-songwriter album of the year. 

The winner will be announced during the gala on the evening of March 31st 2018 hosted at the Lincoln Center in New York city. For those who can't make it, the event will be streamed live on the web. 

Jael Bird Joseph is still currently touring with his 'Memories of Hope' concert, sharing songs and stories from his award nominated LP. You can find details on upcoming concerts on the official web site (link below). 


See the live event here

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