From the recording THE BLIND SESSIONS (2009)

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(December 2006)

If it were the fifteenth century, I’d be long gone
It’s all because of our technology, that I am stuck in here, held against my will.

Well, I’m alive, but only on the inside
And I’m living off tubes
I’d get a pill if I could leave this bed, but they shoot through my veins, a stream of liquid food.

I am a prisoner inside my body…

Well it’s been years since they have seen me walk, and I want to go home
Just pull the plug, you’ll see what I’m without
This heart imitation, with these rubber lungs to breathe

Either fix me, or disconnect me

You should understand that I’m trapped within myself
When all I want to do is just let go,
Let me go, let me go, let me go

Already dead can’t call this suicide, well it’s all I’m asking for
I pray my plea will be heard nation wide
But if you’d been the child I used to be and now you were stuck inside of me.

You would like to leave this prison, this body