1. SHINE
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Finished October 24th 2010
Music: Sylvain Blais and JBJ
Lyrics: JBJ

Sun won’t you shine on cold April snow?
Warm up this earth that curls ‘round my feet until the day that my heart gets old.

Sun won’t you shine ‘till my moon rises?
When all my desires, laid right before me, I count them, on average, tenfold.

Just glad to be born.

Sun won’t you shine ‘till my days are through? When I’m called upon for heavenly rest with all this life that I give thanks for.

Just glad to be born…

JBJ: Guitars and Vocals
Martin Bournival: Piano, B3
JF Grenier: Double Bass

This is a song of thanks and gratitude written after releasing my last album, The Blind Sessions in 2009.