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Forgetful Love
Finished October 3rd 2014
Lyrics and Music: JBJ

Sat by this pane for a while. Rain down, rain down dry.
Where memories are dying not compiled. Rain down, rain down dry.
No trace or ghost of this weather can be seen.

Oh, my dear, I will love you today, but I’ll forget you tomorrow.
And in this case do you really want to waste your younger years on this aging face?

Your mind is mysterious and strange, but hey, you make me happy don’t you change.
You take me just as I am, I’ll do the same, I can.
Just as long as we are together, you remind me every day.

Oh, my dear, I will love today, oh my dear, just like I’ll love you tomorrow.
And your heart is your own to waste if you want to spend it on this aging face.
I will love you tomorrow just like I did the first morning, but then you’ll find you might waste your time giving flowers to this forgetful mind.

There’s something cruel about my heart, it keeps forgetting like a dream after the night.
There’s something good about your heart, it keeps remembering for two…

JBJ: Guitars and Vocals
Christelle Chartray: Cello

Should I ever forget the good times.