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My heart
Finished October 25th 2008
Lyrics and Music: JBJ

Throw my heart out the door. It ain’t mine anymore.
You have made me such a fool, just a fool that’s torn down the middle.

All I want is you. All I want is just to be with you.
Right here, right now. Right here, if you can fix this broken man.

As the music takes its hold, entranced in this fever.
And you shake me to my core as you move a little closer.

Never let me go, never let me go.

With your hand upon my own moving slowly down your side and I am yours.
And I haven’t slept for days with the scent of you still deep within my pores.
Put the night on hold. Let this not grow cold…
Until the morning breaks…

Could we stop the clocks and just stay locked together and forever be entwined.
Postpone the morning sun, till we now are one and until you are mine.
Well the moon is high and you’re here close by.
Until the night is done…
Until the night is done…

I will hold you closer.

JBJ: Guitars and Vocals
Catherine Laurin: Violin, Vocals
Christelle Chartray: Cello
Laurianne Bouchard: Viola
Phil Coulombe: Drums
Martin Bournival: B3, Mellotron, Piano
JF Grenier: Bass

What my broken heart sounds like.