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Memories of the night
Finished March 2014
Lyrics and Music: JBJ

I stumble in and tumble down, fumbling, I’ve fallen in love.
Reaching in and reaching out, trying to find what I have become.

Dance the night away, incense and masquerades branded in red.
There’s not a chance that I may fail. Either way, to heaven or hell,
I’ll carry with me memories of the night.

I just signed a dotted line in blood, oh blood.
I have you till the sun may rise, devil’s waiting there outside.
When all this is done we’ll be memories of the night.

Won’t you say you will, my dear, my light,
Say you will, my love, be mine,
Before we’re memories of the night.

JBJ: Guitars and Vocals, Tubular Bells, Percussions
Phil Coulombe: Drums, percussions, BGVS
Martin Bournival: B3, BGVS
JF Grenier: Bass
Catherine Laurin: Violin
Christelle Chartray: Cello
Laurianne Bouchard: Viola
Choir: BGVS

“I just signed a dotted line in blood”