A balm for the soul... and now for the body!

An artist of the Mauricie region releases a line of completely natural home made cosmetics. 
For years, Jael Bird Joseph has been told that his music has a soothing quality and that his voice is relaxing and comforting. He has been compared to camomile tea and a spoonful of honey, and people say he is truly a balm for the soul. 
Along with the release of his new album, The Journal of Forgotten Memories, the artist was hoping to find some original merchandise to offer fans. “And it was while joking with friends that the idea came to possibly sell massage oil and tea… or something like that”. 
In fact, the artist had been experimenting (quite successfully) with home made body lotions and deodorant. However, he admits he did not feel fully confident selling these to the public. 

This is when he reached out to local artisans at La Maison de Bibi, a family business in Bécancour, QC, owned by Brigitte Bastien and her children, Gabrielle and Antoine Lessard. “Their enthousiasm was immediate and it really helped me to believe in this idea… maybe it wasn’t so crazy after all”, explained Bird. 
In the end, Jael Bird Joseph chose 4 products: coconut massage balm, green apple fizzy bubbles for the bath, woods tea lip balm, and coconut dream soap. These products became his personal selection. 
“I use them everyday and the quality is simply outstanding. I may not be a great expert in the matter, but I know enough about cosmetics to know these are made with ingredients that work wonderfully and that are always great for you”. 
All products are available online on www.jaelbirdjoseph.com, on www.lamaisondebibi.com and in store at La Maison de Bibi in Bécancour. JBJ also sells them in concert, at the merch table. 
The are available just in time for Christmas and make the perfect soothing present along with the new album!

Jael Bird Joseph with owner Brigitte Bastien

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